Sleep Help – Avoid Food and Drinks that Contain Stimulants

Sleep Help

It goes without saying that caffeinated foods and beverages should be shunned before it is time to go to sleep.  However, few people realize that caffeine takes approximately six to eight hours to completely get out of your system.  That being said, if you are experiencing trouble falling asleep you should do much more than decline an after dinner cup of coffee.  Realistically speaking, if you want to be ready for sleep by ten o’clock at night you should not consume any caffeinated food or drinks after two o’clock in the afternoon.  That means that you cannot drink any more of those popular energy drinks to get you through the afternoon slump.  When you need a boost of energy try eating a snack with plenty of healthy carbohydrates instead of going for another cup of coffee.  Common foods and drinks to avoid when searching for sleep help include; coffee, tea, chocolate, most soda pop, and energy drinks.